Sunday, 11 March 2018

Simply Seasonal....11th of March

Hello Lovelies,
How are you? It's been a lot milder here this week and I have been lucky enough to have a few days off work. So what have I done with my time? Well lots, but here are the prettiest bits :0)

1 ♥ Enjoying Tulips. As I could not find any Daffodils in the local shop this week I treated myself to some Tulips instead. Oh look, grown in Norfolk. They survived the arctic weather.

I chose these as I was intrigued as to how they would look once fully open.

It didn't take long until they were plump and frilly. So pretty.

And thirsty...ooops. This was a sad sight to come down to one morning.

Happily a drink revived them :0)

Their over-the-top-ness has made me smile this weekend.

2 ♥ Feeding the birds. I picked up some pink suet pellets as Robin always goes for them in the seed mix I have.

And as well as feeding him I'm increasingly leaving food for birds on my walks.

A full English Bird Breakfast by the foot bridge :0)

and a Birdy Brunch along the bridleway :0)

I love helping out our feathered friends when their normal food supply may be hard to find.

Though it's looking very springlike in a neighbours garden....Yay. Such a happy sight.

3 ♥ A Derbyshire walk. It was still pretty wintry an hour north of here on Thursday.

But I'm always happy to be in the hills.

We walked from Winster. It's not a place I have visited before. But I would love to return.

There were so many pretty views.

 and we could see that a little further north the snow was even deeper.

4 ♥ Birdsong. Looking at my Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady book I admired her beautiful painting of a Thrush.

We may not have horse drawn ploughs over 100 years later, but I'm happy the birds still survive and follow the same seasonal  cycle. I'm sure their numbers are reduced but given half a chance I'm always hopeful they can thrive.

5 ♥ Batch Baking I defrosted some frozen Raspberries and softened a cooking apple with a little sugar and water.

Then added an oaty crumble topping. I've frozen one and I'm looking forward to some for desert tomorrow.

6 ♥ Purple Crocuses. Give them a little sunlight and these beauties always look stunning in March. The sight of them always remind me of starting my blog as they featured in one of my first ever posts....eight years ago.

Wow. Happy Birthday Little Blog. You are still my happy place :0)

I hope you lovelies have an enjoyable week ahead.

Jacquie x

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Simply Seasonal ..... The Beast from the East

Hello Lovelies,
 welcome to an especially chilly edition of my Simply Seasonal posts. This past week the U.K. has endured exceptionally low temperatures (for us) and high winds, which made it feel even colder. The weather people...or was it the newspapers.... labelled it The Beast from the East, as cold air was dragged in from the continent.
 I do love the changing seasons and I can honestly say I didn't moan about the cold...even when our heating packed up. It seems our  super duper, energy efficient, condensing boiler cannot cope with extreme cold...what !? That's not me moaning...just saying....again :0)

Anyway, despite all that there has been plenty to smile about.

1. Snow. I do love a bit of the white stuff. We don't get that much here in the midlands so it's always a novelty. And it does look pretty.

The cold weather started on Monday but the first day I was able to get out for a walk was Wednesday. Eldest's  College was closed, so we walked together.

I had been worrying about my Robin in the bitter cold and the sight of him looking so bedraggled was a nasty shock. All we could do was leave him lots of food and hope for the best.

2 ♥ Winter in the Park. Wednesday afternoon brought some sunshine, but don't let that fool you into thinking it had warmed up at all. I dashed about in the freezing temperatures to snap these pictures.
The water on the pond was frozen.

and the bedding plants were frozen in time

There was not much colour so the bright orange stems of the Dogwood were simply stunning with a white backdrop.

3♥ More Snow. On Thursday morning we woke to lots more snow. All the family was at home as the schools were closed and it was too cold for hubby to work outdoors.

after breakfast, when  I said I was going for a walk, suddenly I had lots of offers of company.

It was great to see the members of the family who usually avoid local walks at all costs out enjoying the freshly fallen snow.

Youngest couldn't resist running around in it. At fifteen he's still a big kid.

The churchyard looked so pretty

and we left extra rations out for Robin...though I did not get a good view of him as he was shy with all of us there.

Aahhh, my favourite church in the snow. Perfect.

The views were bleak but beautiful.

Good to see somebody is well dressed for this weather :0)

4 ♥ Baking By Thursday the house was cold so as well as baking THESE I extended my warm kitchen time by making  two of THESE.

Thank goodness we have this electric stove and a couple of other fan heaters.

 5 ♥ Seasonal Crochet I bought a couple of extra hot water bottles this week as the unheated bedrooms were feeling decidedly chilly. Not a problem for hubby and myself...but not great when you sleep alone. The cold areas of the house were somewhat nostalgic to me and I recalled crocheting a cover for my hot water bottle as a teenager. Actually I used to have two when it was really cold. I remembered a woolly cover meant waking up to a still  warm bottle instead of cold rubber next to your feet.  So far I have made one cover for the boys. What do you think?

I was totally inspired by Heather's gorgeous creations 

 I think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I love the double "polo neck" that Heather does so that was a must :0)

Here is the back...less time consuming but still nice I think.

6 ♥ The Thaw. Today the snow is almost gone and the snowdrops are once again visible...though they do look a little the worse for wear.

But best of Robin survived the beast.....phew :0)

Now that the harsh weather has retreated and brother in Law has fixed the heating, I must admit I am looking forward to wearing a few fewer layers next week :0)

Jacquie x