Monday, 7 August 2017

Carnival Time

Hello Lovelies,
on Friday mum and I had a little outing into Derbyshire. We parked up in Cromford, where this vintage car and caravan combination made me smile.

We had a picnic and then, while mum set off to drive the short distance to neighbouring Bonsall, you guessed it, I walked :0)

First I passed the lovely mill pond.

Then up this steep lane.

I found the footpath easily and continued to climb.

I was walking from the bottom right of this picture to the top left.

The path was along the edge of a disused quarry which I glimpsed occasionally.

The were not many views and after about half an hour or so I was glad to arrive at Bonsall

Where the hillsides looked pretty.

and so did the gardens.

There was bunting outside the church.

Along with this impressive Well Dressing.

Well dressings are a tradition in these parts. They are made by painstakingly pressing individual flower petals into clay.

Walking further into the village I loved the jumble of rooftops.

There was lots more bunting attached to the impressive market cross.

Ooh look, another well dressing. And this one is actually dressing a well.

Bonsall is a vibrant community and we had chosen to visit during carnival week.

This window display made me smile. I'm pretty sure this is a private house not a shop these days, but there was a mannequin in carnival type costume looking out.

I simply love rainbow bunting and it made this pretty spot even more delightful.

Just above the market cross there was a footpath.

Which I decided to investigate. I met another couple walking here. We stopped to chat and they commented I was the only other walker they had met despite the fact they had covered many miles. Quiet surprising for such a popular walking area on a sunny summers day.

Climbing higher the path had nice views of the village.

I zoomed in to capture the scene more clearly.

The path came out by some cottages, and here I came across my favourite well dressing. It didn't matter that it wasn't actually on a well.

I thought is was simply stunning. The night sky made from tiny purple flowers and spiky straw to add texture to the owl's wing were a couple of my favourite details.

The well dressings often have collection pots. Appropriately this one was for a Barn Owl conservation scheme. I was happy to make a donation.

Next there was more steep climbing to the part of Bonsall known as "Uppertown". The well here didn't have a dressing this year, but it still looked pretty.

Soon I was heading downhill again. It's a very uphill and down dale sort of place, with charming scenes on every corner.

The houses tumble down the hillside.

It was nearly time to go home but there was some special bunting I had missed, so I went off in search of it.

Nope, not here.

Or here.

Ahhh, here it is.

Let me zoom in.

Tee hee . I loved this amusing idea to string up some rather large "vintage" underwear along with the more traditional bunting.

All too soon it was time to head home, but mum knew a way "over the tops" as we always called it when I was little.

So there was  chance to gaze at the beautiful far reaching view before joining the main road home.

Mum did do a painting while I walked. I really must photograph it to share with you all very soon

Jacquie x